Company profile:

In this competitive world maintaining quality and profitability together is a challenge for all. Our trust on quality never deviates for only profit. The following is the profile of our company given:


Since its founding in Gwalior in 2001, JKDN-ENTERPRISES Company, has become the leading supplier & manufacturer & importer of latest electronic products in south India and North India, with offices in 5 cities India wide, JKDN-ENTERPRISES started business activities immediately after its formation.


Total no. of employees: 23

Primary line of business:


How do we provide excellent customer service &

Latest electronic products.


 1. We provide well tested, quality & 100% genuine Products. Every product undergoes rigorous testing before Dispatch.

2. We have maintained efficient service and supporting team.

3. We have our dealer network all over India.

4. With growth, we are doing it from more than thirteen years.

5. We provide any kind of new electronic product worldwide.

6. We provide such facilities, which you can't find anywhere else.

7. We stand behind our product with free life-time support one every product we sell!

8. We provide Customized Solutions. we have our own Research and Development department that caters to all the design & demands.

Management directory:

Affairs of the organization are being managed by a team of professionally qualified personnel.

M.r Suneel Bansal founder of this company. 

1. Sanjay Shukla, President and Chief Executive Officer.

2. Satish Deshpande, Vice President of Product Development.

3. Anuj Daga, Vice President of Sales.

4. Vandana Daga, Human Resources Executive.
5. pradeep gupta technical executive. 


Business profile:

Gaining company intelligence on competitors and top performers in your industry is the Key to increased productivity and profitability. It is a matter of great pride and pleasure for us to introduce ourselves as a leading Manufacturer & importer of latest electronic products in India. Core values at JKDN-ENTERPRISES is customer satisfaction and this, we achieve by delivering quality, reliability and performance. With the support of our valued customers and superlative quality products range, we have received a prestigious position in the field of latest equipment manufacturing & imported. We started our business operations in the year 2001, with a crystal clear vision of becoming the most Reliable manufacturer and import/exporter of the industry. The superior qualities of our products and our marketing efforts have made us successful in obtaining long lasting relationship with countrywide leading customers. Apart from proving our credentials in the field of manufacturing, we have been setting new global standards by exporting our world class range. We have achieved success in winning the confidence of our buyers through our outstanding performance in productivity, quality and innovation. We have a well knit team of dedicated workers which include, Engineers, skilled workers and semi skilled workers handling R & D, production, Quality control and after sales service. Apart from these qualified people are involved in accounts, purchase & other commercial activities. We are the only remaining innovator of water treatment solutions & security systems, solar systems, communications systems and various other products, constructed with our experts' team. The company expanded its operations in different cities of India. We cover all the sectors like Residential, Commercial and Industrial for which if you are looking for any Electronic product from us.


We are manufacturing & import a wide range:

• All type various Water purifier, R.O & water treatment plants.

• All type various CCTV cameras, G.P.S+V.T.S system & electronic & non electronic Security systems.

• All type various Spy Gadgets.

• All type various new Gadgets & and many more. .

• All type various Solar + power backup system.

• All type various L.E.D lights.

• All type various Hospital equipments.

• All type various Software + website making solutions.

• All type various Safety equipment.

• All type various AUTOMATION systems.

• Some Manufacture plants consultancy provide by us.

• Imported (Germn, Chinese, UK origin) some electronic products.

JKDN-ENTERPRISES Home Products is a one stop shop for different types of highly effective latest products. The complete range of products and services that we deal.

 Company history:

►In 2001 JKDN-ENTERPRISES founded a Repairing Service for C.F.L lights & more electronic goods+ gadgets and Communication Systems.

►In 2003 we are distributor of dish TV d2h zee group & CCTV cameras security systems.
►In 2004 we are distributor of Nokia CDMA mobile & KENT RO system.
►In 2005 we are distributor of Usha Brita water purifiers & lots off big brand.
►In 2006 we started manufacturing, importing and marketing with latest electronic products & gadgets.


Vision and mission statement:

Our vision is to become the most talked about and respected name in the latest equipment industry; by creating superior quality products with the help of latest technology and highly skilled workforce. "Your satisfaction is our peace of mind'' JKDN-ENTERPRISES is a profitable, highly innovative leader in the latest Technology market. We produce a wide range of Hi-tech product, Gadgets and solutions for many applications. Our long years of experience, technical knowledge and the expertise of our employees ensure competent service with excellent quality and very reliable products. We offer a complete line of standard products and are quick to develop customer specific products catering to our customer needs and their, new,applications. And it is our mission to achieve this vision by maximum productivity without compromising on the quality of the products. The key to all successful working relationships is partnership. It's the cornerstone of our business, the more you share with us, the prospects as well as the pitfalls, the more we can find The right solution for you.


How do we see us in the future?

In a market with increased trends for smaller size, greater product reliability and low energy consumption, all fundamental new product characteristics, JKDN-ENTERPRISES is eagerly anticipating the development of new products that meet tougher applications.

What is important in our everyday working life?

Our employees are at the forefront of our success and high quality standards. Through their comprehensive experience, commitment and collective teamwork based on trust, JKDN-ENTERPRISES has experienced continuous growth and innovation for more than 12 years.

What makes up the success of our company?

We strive to develop new products and custom solutions at the highest quality, continually meeting the newest demands of our customers while encompassing numerous markets. Our approach to new product development utilizes the latest technologies along with our extensive engineering and application expertise to ensure that latest technology product continues to evolve: Hence we bring you products for tomorrow…


Our strength:

The success and growth that we have achieved in our stream is only because of the following strengths that we hold as an organization:

• A well planned manufacturing & importing facility.
• In-house quality control facility.
• Support of a highly efficient team.
• Internal and external expertise in management and marketing.
• Customer orientation.
• Timeliness and punctuality in offering products / Ethical business policy.

Quality assurance:

True to the name of our company JKDN-ENTERPRISES, we are committed to provide quality products. To achieve this goal, we have a small but well qualified Quality control team which is answerable not to company management but to customers only. Our efforts towards achieving high quality standards start with training and motivating the team member continuously. Each member is aware of his role and responsibility and is proud in doing things, which ensure the quality in final products. We have established procedures for inwards inspection, inspection of sub-assemblies and assembling the final product. We have adequate quality control equipment and tools in house and also have access to the facilities.

After sales service:

With the kind of reliability we build into our products, a field failure is a rare occurrence. But should the need arise, we have a team of dedicated and well trained service engineers stationed at Gwalior, Delhi and other locations which can meet need of customers with swiftness and precision.

Where to find us (our address)